Deliver your video and audio content in a “live broadcast” format by using a Simulated Live Service. You would upload your files to a server and then set the order in which you’d like them to play. You then can schedule a start time. This type of technology is similar to running a television show were a program is scheduled to run at a specific time.

People are used to watching TV and listening to radio, where the content is available at a specific time. Your audience is more likely to watch or listen to content that is streamed “live” than if it is available any time. You can broadcast online just like a professional television or radio station does.

If you have content and would like to create specific times that each clip will play in the order you desire this is the technology for you. AudioVideoweb has specific hosting capabilities that will enable playlist creation and setting for specific times, and dates,  for the content to play. You may have 25 episodes of audio and/or video content that you can place in any order you like. Once this is complete you can set the start time, start date, tell it to repeat, and much more. There are also multiple options available to select for players.