Secure Media Links more commonly known as “Link Protection Service” ensures that the links to either a live broadcast or archived content stays 100% secure. You can control which website (or sites) can display your content, or, you can restrict access to your content via usernames and passwords. In an environment of costly bandwidth and server space at a premium more people are utilizing services like this.

We found one Hosting Company that offers such services for Link Protection with a high degree of security. Each link to your content is passed through authentication to confirm access to the media.

Reasons for Securing Links

In most cases the bandwidth costs for medium to large sized events could potentially get into thousands of dollars.  Radio stations that have a large following for specific shows are a good example as consumers and website owners from all over the world might take the link and place it on their website. Owners of the content consider this improper as an alternative website will gain all the benefits of showing their ads and will become the primary site to view the content. It will also incur considerable cost to the content owner for the bandwidth usage. The website that placed the links will incur no expense for bandwidth.