An online Pay-Per-View, or PPV, service allows users to purchase one viewing of web video content, such as a television show or special event. Just as you can pay to view a show on your TV, you can pay to watch videos on the Internet. If you have web video content that you want to monetize, you can set up your own PPV Service online so that visitors to your site can pay to view your exclusive videos.

  • Create an account with an online video streaming site that supports a PPV portal, such as AudioVideoWeb or NetroMedia. These sites allow you to customize your own PPV portal and set up your online PPV service.
  • Choose which package you want to purchase on the online streaming site you have created an account with; you have to pay these sites to host your video content, but you in turn will earn revenue each time a user pays to view your videos.
  • Provide the bank or PayPal account information to which the money from your PPV service will be transferred. Each time someone pays to watch one of your videos, the online streaming site will take a percentage of the profit and deposit your share of the profits to this account.
  • Upload your video content to your online PPV portal. You can include a variety of video content, such as how-to and do-it-yourself videos, or limit your content to a specific theme such as sporting events.
  • Manage your web video content. You should strive to keep your content fresh and evergreen so that more viewers will pay to watch your videos. If a video becomes outdated, such as a sporting event that occurred six months ago, you can remove the video and replace it with fresher, more recent content.