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We will cover many aspects of the streaming industry including Marketing, Transcoding, Pay Per View Platforms, Hosting Services, and much more. Services are offered globally and can be delivered over multiple networks.

Current growth in the Streaming Media Space:

With traffic growing on the Internet and millions of viewers each day accessing content the need for high end servers and up to date technical knowhow is key. The end users have become accustomed to faster connections and instant video viewing has become the norm. This unprecedented fast paced growth has required the streaming media industry to constantly update their infrastructures to keep up with technology and to deliver consistency and reliable service.

Video streaming can be much more convenient than downloading video directly to your computer because it does not take up any space on your hard drive at all. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to watch the entire video without the need for a large file transfer across the internet to your computer.

It is estimated that the streaming media industry will generate more than $78 billion in revenue in the United States over the next six years.

The Insight Research Corp. recently released the results of an industry study that streaming media will be a major source of revenue through 2014. For the next 5 years they predict that revenue from streaming media will grow at a rate of 27 percent per year thanks to the increase of people turning to online audio and video. This is a potential 135% growth through 2014.